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Let's Write Descriptive Essays.

Write short Descriptive Essays of not less than twenty lines on the following subjects: —

1. My home.

2. The village (or town) in which I live.

3. A book that has pleased me.

4. A street hawker and his wares.

5. A blacksmith’s work.

6. An Indian shop.

7. A mountain (or river) I know.

8. An Indian ship.

9. A railway locomotive.

10. A hot day.

11. Some famous building.

12. An Indian tree.

13. In an Indian market.

14. What I see on my way to school.

15. A railway station.

16. A carpenter's workshop.

17. A bicycle.

18. Some musical instrument.

19. A piece of sugar cane and how it is eaten. 

20. Snake charmers and their performance.

21. A Mosque at prayer time.

22. A procession with elephants.

23. A camel and its uses.

24. Evening in a village.

25. A potter’s workshop.

26. The habits of some bird.

27. The monkey or the tiger.

28. The house I live in.

29. Our new neighbours.

30. The rose.

31. My school and why I am proud of it.

32. Describe a class-mate of yours.

33. The Indian policeman.

34. A clever dog.

35. Tea or coffee.

36. Describe some historical picture which has particularly pleased you.

37. A wedding you have attended.

38. Colombo or Kandy or Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa or Dambulla / Bombay or Calcutta or Delhi or Agra.

39. A wedding procession.

40. A conjurer and his tricks.

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