Aurangzeb and the Elephant - 447

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Aurangzeb and the Elephant.

The Emperor Shan Jahan one day went to an elephant fight, taking his sons with him. Prince Aurangzeb sat on his horse, very near to the fighting animals. Suddenly one of the elephants turned and attacked Aurangzeb. He kept his seat and threw a spear at the elephant. The elephant charged him again and threw him from his seat. But Aurangzeb got up and attacked the elephant with his sword. This made the Emperor and the nobles very anxious, and Prince Shuja and Raja Jai Singh went to help Aurangzeb. But the elephant turned and resumed its fight with the other elephant. The Emperor sent for Aurangzeb, who was only fourteen years of age, and scolded him. But the prince said: ‘Father, even kings have to die some day or other. If I had run away, people would have called me a coward. If I had been killed, it would have been a glorious death.’

The Emperor was pleased with this answer, and gave the Prince the title of Bahadur (i.e. Hero).

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