Sounds made by Animals - 158

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Verbs Expressing Sounds - Sounds made by Animals. 

Horses neigh. When they neigh gently to express pleasure we say they whinny.

Cows low or moo.

Bulls bellow.

Sheep, goats and calves bleat.

Boars grunt.

Dogs bark. When anyone comes they do not like, they growl. Whey they are in pain, or complain, they whine. Sometimes at night they howl. Puppies yelp.

Cats mew. When we stroke them they purr. At night they caterwaul.

Elephants trumpet or squeal.

Lions and tigers roar.

Monkeys chatter. Some big monkeys utter a deep booming sound.

Camels grunt or squeal.

Hyaenas / Hyenas laugh.

Jackals howl.

Bears growl.

Snakes and some lizards hiss.

Frogs croak.

An animal snarls when it shows its teeth and makes a threatening noise.

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