Master Analyzing - Simple Sentence - 311

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Master Analysing - Simple Sentence.

Analyse the following simple sentences:—

1. I wrapped myself in my clothes quickly.

2. Don’t you think that a very remarkable sky?

3. Give me that in writing.

4. The jury found the accused not guilty.

5. With a grim and surly voice he bade them awake.

6. May God reward you for this noble deed!

7. Mr. Rajapaksha was appointed Prime Minister.

8. They sent their sons out to fight for their country.

9. Our horses could scarcely face the wind.

10. The weather continued fine for the next ten days.

11. There were hundreds of sea-birds within sight.

12. My old friend took both my hands in his in welcome.

13. Human beings owe a debt of love and gratitude to one another.

14. He could find work nowhere.

15. Sangakkara wrenched his foot free from the crocodile.

16. With all possible dignity I made her a low bow.

17. The liquor in the smaller bottle on the shelf tasted very sour.

18. Germs are always and everywhere floating in the air around us.

19. We praise you for your loving spirit.

20. In the old Indian days, the slaying of a horse in honour of the gods was one of the most solemn acts of religion.

21. One child can teach another the alphabet.

22. The father gorilla makes a rough kind of nest in a tree for his family.

23. I carried my gun, ready loaded, on my shoulder.

24. Three queens received King Arthur with great mourning.

25. There I spent my childhood and youth among my relations, with unbroken enjoyment.

26. Crouching in the dust, he looked at me every now and then out of the corner of his eye..

27. There is no pleasure in that kind of talk.

28. We had very heavy rain, following a thunderstorm, on Monday night in Mysore.

29. He sprang to his feet with a wild cry of despair.

30. Vidya would gaze in tender love at the faces of his dear parents.

31. The poem tells the tale of Bhishma’s war against the five Pandava brothers.

32. At the break of day Antar still stood there perfectly steady.

33. Prince Siddhartha himself was always a learner.

34. By the laws of Manu no blow was to be struck at a wounded foe.

35. If only the world would grow more and more inclined to ways of peace!

36. There can be no order in a village or a city without truthfulness of speech.

37. Very often we form too hasty a judgment about a thing or a person.

38. A basin and ewer were brought for the washing of hands.

39. Both in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and England, some of the hardest workers for our welfare and the best servants of the public live in a frugal quiet manner.

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