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The Verb Would. 

The Auxiliary Verb Would is used in the following main ways.

1. Would is often used as a polite form of Will, especially in the expression Would you mind followed by a present participle.

Would you mind posting this letter for me?

2. Would sometimes denotes determination, or insistence. In these cases would is accented.

He would tease the dog, although we warned him not to, and he got bitten.

3. Would also denotes “being in the habit of”.

Whenever I called, they would say he was not at home.

4. Would is “used when talking about a possible situation that you imagine or want to happen”.

“What would you do if you won a million pounds?”

5. Would is “used when talking about something that did not happen, or a situation that cannot exist”.

Everything would be very different if your father were still alive.

Insert Would or Should in the following: —

1. He said he — be back in ten minutes.

2. He — have been here by now.

3. I was sure I — meet you here.

4. If I were you I — not say anything about it to anyone.

5. It — be wrong of you to do so.

6. If I were to tell you what I heard, you — be shocked.

7. I was afraid lest you — lose your way in the wood.

8. — you mind lending me your knife?

9. You — be kind to the poor.

10. He said he — do whatever I wished.

11. I — like to show you my picture postcards.

12. Your father — be very angry if you played truant.

13. You — not eat too many sweets.

14. Why — n’t I go there?

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