The Noun - 06

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The Noun.

Word used as name of a person, being, place, thing, quality, or action is called a Noun.

Generally, Nouns are divided into five classes.

1. Common Nouns.
Denote any or all members of a class.

E.g.: Home, The train, An egg, A rupee, Parrots, The window, Horses, A policeman, Frogs, Babies, An earthquake, Peacocks, Scissors, A telegram, The doctor, The river, The gardener, An ape …

2. Proper Nouns.

Denote a particular thing or being.

E.g.: The North Pole, America, Vienna, Sri Lanka, The Himalayas, The Emperor Ravana, The Danube …

3. Material Nouns.

Denote a material thing.

E.g.: Butter, Cotton, Salt, Hay, Glue, Steel, Rubber, Paper, Chocolate, Money, Ice, Lead …

4. Collective Nouns.

Singular in form, But refers to a group of people / beings or things.

E.g.: The party, A flock, The regiment, Herd, A crowd, Parliament, The Navy …

5. Abstract Nouns.*

Denote a feeling/concept/condition or mode is born in the mind.

E.g.: Safety, Kindness, Childhood, Toothache, Evening, Patient, Perseverance …

*This one is kept in its own name and the rest are included in Concrete Nouns, in the next lesson. (Don’t confuse yourself.)

Exercise - 03. Point out the nouns in the following passages and say what kind each one is.

1. Dirt, darkness and disease all begin with same letter.

2. She goes back home with the full pitcher on her head, the shining brass pot in her left hand, holding her child with her right.

3. If a scout meets another scout, even though a stranger to him, he must speak to him, and help him in any way that he can, either in carrying out the duty he is then doing, or by giving him some food or lodging or anything else he needs.

# Proper nouns may be used as common nouns, when they denote persons or things that are said to possess certain qualities attributed to a particular individual or thing. Also when they are the names of who have invented or made things that bear their names.

E.g.: Kalidas (a well known poet) has been called the Shakespeare of India.
He is a napoleon of finance.
Bombay, the Manchester of the east.

Similarly a Nero means a very cruel person; a Solomon a very wise man; a Mecca a place one earnestly desires to visit.

A ford, an Austin, a Morris are cars named after their names.
A mackintosh is a waterproof coat.

Exercise - Fill the following blanks with proper nouns used as common nouns.

(1) Who is the — of India?
(2) If you want a good hill-climber, I advise you to get a —.
(3) That man is a —; He never makes a mistake.
(4) It's sure to rain. Haven't you a —.
(5) He is so strong that at school they call him a —.
(6) She is very fond of dogs, and has three — and a —.

Exercise - Make sentences in which you use the following nouns, in the singular or the plural.

Length. Sleep. Afternoon. Orange. 
Ton. Cotton. Clock. Chocolate. 
Petrol. The cinema. Inch. Week. 
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