Slipups in Prepositions - 186

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Slipups in Prepositions. 

There are certain mistakes in prepositions which are constantly made.

Learn the following sentences by heart. They are correct, and if you use them properly, people will know that you are a careful student.

School begins at nine.
(School begins from nine.)

The holidays begin on the 20th of December.

I want to dispose of my old books.
(I want to dispose my old books off.)

Have you sent an order for a new camera?

Yes, I have ordered one.
(Yes, I have ordered for one.)

I read the notice in the newspaper.
(I read the notice on the newspaper.)

Let us sit in the shade.
(Let us sit under the shade.)

I have lived in London.
(I have lived at London.)

We saw a panther on the way to Mysore.
(We saw a panther in the way to Mysore.)

Throw that dead flower into the river.
(Throw that dead flower in the river.)

Insert appropriate prepositions in the following blanks: —

1. My wife prided herself — being an excellent housekeeper.

2. There was nothing that could make us angry — each other.

3. The husband was very angry — his wife’s conduct.

4. The whole week was spent — rural amusements.

5. The house was soon cleared — undesirable guests.

6. We soon got — our uneasiness.

7. Our eldest son was named George, — his uncle.

8. A rich relation took a fancy — my daughter, and stood godmother.

9. — an interval — two years we had another son.

10. We were awakened — the morning and — five days rode a hunting.

11. Our little habitation was situated — the foot — a hill.

12. Our conversation at supper turned — our unfortunate guest.

13. We entered — debate — the merits — our young landlord.

14. I protest — your remark, father, but I believe the fortune-teller has dealings — an evil spirit.

15. One of the horses took it — his head to stand still.

16. Moses came slowly — foot.

17. A reverend-looking man brought him — a tent — pretence (pretense) — having a horse to sell.

18. I readily closed — the offer.

19. The old man sat — a little dark room and seemed intent — a book which he was reading.

20. We were all perfectly satisfied — his performance.

21. My parents sympathise (sympathize) — you — your sad loss.

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