Present Indefinite Tense - 72

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Present Indefinite Tense or Simple Present Tense.

The Present Indefinite Tense or Simple Present Tense has the following uses.

01. To express some action which is natural or usual.

Cows give milk.
Sun rises.
I school everyday.

02. To express an immediate action.

Do you like chocolate? (Yes) I do.
Does she drive cars? She does.
03. To express some general truth.

Everyone ages.
Everyone sickens.
Everyone dies.

04. To make a past action vivid or emphatic.

(Frequent in narrative, and called Historic Present.)

Lord Buddha now stars His mission.
The most Venerable Arhat Sariputta now enunciates His retrospection.
Monarch Asoka now builds Dagobas all over India.

05. To express a future action.

I go abroad next week.
She comes to meet me coming September.
I quit smoking today.


Find some illustrations of use, referred to all the five subtitles.

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