A Test on Direct Speech - 278

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A Test on Direct Speech. 

Rewrite the following in Direct Speech:—

1. He said that I could not know much, if I didn’t know anything about cricket.

2. The strange woman said that she has nothing to sell, though she had something to give to those who needed it.

3. The little fellow said that he had thought of a lovely story in his bath that morning.

4. Her father said that she would be very sorry for it later on, if she grieved her mother just then.

5. He said that they had had very poor weather since she left, but he hoped that Colombo was sunny.

6. The miller said that he cared for nobody, no, not he, if nobody cared for him.

7. Father said that it was very sweet of me to write to him, and he thanked me ever so much.

8. Mark Twain once wrote to a friend that he was one of the wealthiest men in America, yet if his friend asked him to lend him a couple of dollars he would have to ask him to take his note instead.

9. Their mother said that they would have a long day the next day, and that they would be all the better for a good night’s rest.

10. John Bright said that the Angel of Death had been abroad throughout the land, and that they might almost hear the beating of his wings.

11. Howells replied that the only reason he had for not joining the. Modest Club was that he was too modest to confess his modesty.

12. His friend told him to let him know always where he was, for if he needed him and could use him he wanted to know where to put his hand on him.

13. He said that there was only one law there, and that was the law of the strongest; that I had to do what he wanted, because he could make me.

14. He asked me to write to him now and then and tell him how I was getting on.

15. She asked me why I had gone there. It was past eleven: she had heard it strike some minutes before. I told her I had come to see her. I had heard she was very ill, and I could not sleep till I had spoken to her.

16. She said that the young man was not getting on as well as his mother could wish. He had been to College and got plucked. Then his uncles wanted him to be a barrister and study law; but he was such a lazy young man that she thought they would never make much of him.

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