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There are many interjections. Some are rarely used nowadays, but are found in books, such as:

Alas! = Expressing sorrow.
Fie! = For shame!
Hark! = Listen!
Lo! = Look!
Pooh! = Nonsense!
Tush! = Nonsense!

Any word or phrase used as a sudden exclamation can be called an interjection. And most of them are shortened sentences. Thus:—

Well done! = You have done well.
Welcome! = We are glad to see you.
Oh dear me! = What a troublesome thing! or What am I to do?
Dear! / Oh dear! / Dearie me! /  Good grief! /  Lordy! = Expressing pity, shock, dismay, disappointment, sympathy, etc.
Off you go! = Go away! ["You can leave now - Go! - Move! - You're done - You're all set."]
Out with you! =  Go out!
For shame! = You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Not a bit of it! = It is not so at all.
Good grief! = Expressing surprise.
Lordy! = Expressing surprise or strength.
Hullo! = Expressing surprise.
My hat! = Expressing surprise.
My word! = Expressing surprise.
My Goodness = Expressing surprise etc.
(My) Gosh! = Expressing surprise.
My foot! = Expressing disagreement or disbelief.
Quick! = Be quick.
No you don’t! = You must not do that.
Steady! = Be careful.
Hold on! = Wait a moment.
Go it! = Inciting someone.
Hang it all! = Expressing annoyance.

English is full of bright and amusing interjections, which have to be learnt in actual conversation.
To be sure! / Sure! = Expressing agreement.

Bother! =  Expressing annoyance.
Get along with you! = Don’t tell such fibs. (Fib a mild word for lie.)
Look out! = Take care.

There are many expressions in which the name of some deity is called upon. They are called oaths, and are really interjections expressing sincerity or strong feeling, as : —

By Jove!
By Gad!
O Lord!
Oh God!
Mother of God!
Holy Mother!
Good heavens!
Jesus gracious!
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