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Let, Help, and Make.


“01. [No Passive] To allow somebody to do something or something to happen without trying to stop it:

Let them splash around in the pool for a while.
Don't let her upset you.
Let your body relax.
He'd eat chocolate all day long if I let him.

[# 'd
1. Had: He'd already left.
2. Would; should: I'd rather walk than drive.
3. Did: Who'd you ask?

# d' = the short form of 'do'
D'you know how many people are going to be there?

# d'you
D'you is a shortened form of `do you' or `did you', used in spoken English.
What d'you say so?]


01. To give assistance to; aid:
I helped her find the book.
He helped me into my coat.

# Help, however, sometimes conveys a stronger suggestion of effectual action: 

Nothing will help.
I'll help you move the piano.
He helped her out of the car.

02. Note that in the patterns help to do something or help someone to do something, you can leave out the 'to' and say help do something or help someone do something: 

Cleaner water will help prevent disease.
Money to help people build new homes.


01. To cause somebody/something to do something:

She always makes me laugh.
This dress makes me look fat.
What makes you say that (= why do you think so)?
Nothing will make me change my mind.
You make me so angry.

02. If you make someone do something, you force them to do it.

# FORCE = compel, oblige, constrain, require, impel, dragoon, press.

You can't make me do anything.
My parents always make me do my homework before I go out.
I was made to wait four hours before I was examined by a doctor.
I won't go and you can't make me!
She makes me go to bed early.”

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