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Analysis of Sentences.

A sentence is a number of words which make complete meaning, as:

The train for Delhi starts in ten minutes.
Neither of you is right.

The words The train for Delhi or Neither of you do not form sentences, because the meaning is not complete. Some other words are added to make them complete in meaning.

# A sentence may merely state a fact. Then it is called an Assertive sentence. For example:

There are no mistakes in this composition.

# A sentence may ask a question. Then it is called an Interrogative sentence. For example:

Which are the chief aerodromes in Sri Lanka?

# A sentence may give an order. Then it is called an Imperative sentence. For example:

Be quick!

# A sentence may utter an exclamation. Then it is called an Exclamatory sentence. For example:

What a pity you missed the train!

# A sentence may express an eager wish. Then it is called an Optative sentence. For example:

If only I had worked a little harder!

There are three kinds of sentences in English:— Simple, Complex, and Compound.

# A Simple Sentence contains only one subject and one predicate, as:

Horses neigh.
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