Correlative Conjunctions - 201

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Correlative Conjunctions.

Some conjunctions go in pairs, and are called Correlative Conjunctions or Correlatives.

# Either .... or.

Either yes or no! Which is it?

# Neither .... nor.

Neither you nor I can answer that question.

# Whether .... or.

Whether we shall be able to go or not depends on the weather.

# Not only .... but (also).

He is not only kind, but also unselfish.

# Both .... and.

Both China and Japan use the same kind of writing.

# As …. as

I am not nearly as old as you are.

# So .... as.

Delhi is not so populous as Bombay.

# Though .... yet.

Though he is only seven, yet he can play the piano.

# Note: In sentences beginning with Though we generally omit yet.

Though it is fine, (yet) we are not going out.

Though wise he makes mistakes.

# Never use but instead of yet. It is one of the commonest mistakes. We hear things like this:

Though he lives so near, but he never comes to see me.

Here you may use yet instead of but. But it is more idiomatic to say: Though he lives so near, he never comes to see me.

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