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Compound Nouns.

Compound Nouns are formed in many ways.

1. By adding,

(a) Noun to Noun. 

(b) Noun to Gerund.

(c) Noun to Adjective. 

(d) Noun to Verb. 

(e) Noun to Adverb.

(a) Bedroom, match-box, newspaper, policeman, tea-party, toothbrush; man-of-war, son-in-law, barrister-at-law. 

(b) Home-coming, house-keeping, leave-taking. 

(c) Standstill. …

(d) Shoeblack. …

(e) Passerby, runner-up; sundown. …

2. By adding,

(a) Adjective to Noun. 

(b) Adjective to Gerund.

(a) Blacksmith, greengrocer, highway, sweetmeat. 

(b) Shortcoming. …

3. By adding,

(a) Verb to Noun.

(b) Verb to adverb. 

(c) Verb to Verb.

(a) Breakfast, grindstone, keepsake, leap-frog, spokesman, wardrobe.

(b) Drawback, farewell, pull-over, send-off, turnover 

(c) Make-believe, hide-and-seek. …

4. By adding Gerund to Noun.

Blotting-paper, shaving-brush, sitting-room, walking-stick, spinning-wheel.

5. By adding,

(a) Adverb to Noun.

(b) Adverb to Verb.

(c) Adverb to Adverb. 

(d) Adverb to Gerund.

(a) Afternoon, byway, downfall, overcoat, uprising, welfare. 

(b) Afterthought, income, onrush, upkeep.

(c) So and so. …

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