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Letter Writing.

N.B. Letter Writing also helps e-mail (email) / chat / talk.
[BrE = to post a letter. AmE = to mail a letter.]

# It is a good thing to learn to write letters in English. Nowadays thousands of boys and girls all over the world are writing to each other, although they have never met and may never meet. In many countries there are boys and girls who would be very glad to have letters from boys and girls. English is the language in which it is laid the most easy path for people of different countries to correspond.

# It is very good practice for you to write letters in English to the members of your own family who know English, and to your friends. This is because when you are learning a foreign language you must write something in that language every day. Of course it would not be easy to write letters every day. You will often find that when you sit down to write a letter you cannot think of anything interesting to say. If you met your friend, you would talk to him freely, but when you have to write to him you hesitate, and think, and forget what you wanted to say. But there is a very good way by which you can prepare for writing letters. That is, to keep in your pocket a small note book in which you write notes of any interesting things you have seen or heard of. This is not easy at first, because you have to translate things from your own language into English. But if you persevere you will be very pleased. Your English will improve steadily, and when you have to write a letter, you will have plenty of things to say.

# Before you begin there are several things to learn that are usual in English letters.

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