Past Participles as Adjectives - 33

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Past Participles as Adjectives.

Examples for past participles : a tired feeling, a drunkard man, a painted doll …

Past Participles as Adjective ...

We went into a brightly lighted hall.
Why do you get so sun-burnt?
We had an unexpected victory.
Bulbs are made of blown glass.
Her face had a sadly troubled look ...

These adjectives are formed not only from the past participles of verbs, but also from nouns used as verbs.

Participle adjectives are particularly numerous in combination with adverbs and adjectives.

As a speaker he is too long-winded.
Dickens often sounds so old-fashioned now. 
He is a round-faced, broad-shouldered sailor.
What a pity, he is so hard-hearted.
Most Sri Lankan men are clean-shaven.

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