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Interrogative to Affirmative and Negative.

Change the following sentences from Interrogative to Affirmative and Negative.


Int. Are you coming with me?
Aff. You are coming with me.
Neg. You are not coming with me.

Int. Did he send an answer?
Aff. He sent me an answer.
Neg. He did not send me an answer.

1. Do you like geography ?

2. Was he at home?

3. Must I go by train?

4. Am I on the right road for Bombay ?

5. Did she bring- her baby with her?

6. Haven’t we met somewhere?

7. Hasn’t the bell rung?

8. Have we any envelopes? (Do we have any envelopes?)

9. Wasn’t yesterday Saturday?

10. Am I not right?

11. Aren’t you mistaken?

12. Do I look young?

13. Won’t he reduce the price?

14. Shall I boil the eggs?

15. Couldn’t we have a cup of tea? © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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