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Capital Letters.

Capital Letters are used in the following cases.

1. When beginning a sentence or a line of poetry.
Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, these three alone lead to sovereign power.

2. For the names and titles of deity and the pronouns referring to God.
We who are all sons of God and brothers in Him one to another—are called upon to form one single large family.

3. For proper nouns and the other parts of speech formed from them.
Bengal; Johnson; Chevrolet; Londoner; Yorkshireman.

4. For the names of sects and parties.
Buddhist, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Conservative.

5. For interjections and the pronoun I.
He cried saying ‘O, what shall I do?’

6. For titles of books, poems, stories, etc.
From the Mahabharata lo Paradise Lost is a long measure of human life.

7. For emphasis.
These things are sacred : Tradition, Progress, Association.

8. For common nouns personified.
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