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Find Your Voice - I

Express the following passages in Indirect Speech:—

# ‘How did you get here?’ asked the baron.

‘Through the door,’ replied the figure.

‘What are you?’ said the baron.

‘A man’ replied the figure.

‘I don’t believe it,’ said the baron.

‘Disbelieve it then’ said the figure.

‘I will,’ rejoined the baron.

# She called out to Mary in the next room: ‘Mary, listen to that bird. Isn’t it a nightingale? It sounds like one all right.’

# The hermit came to me in a friendly way. I said to him: ‘I have had a very long walk, and am tired out. I should be grateful if you would let me rest here for a little while.’ ‘You are heartily welcome’, he said, ‘The little which I can offer you as refreshment is at your service. ’

# The traveller knocked at the cottage door, and an old man put his head out of the window.

‘What do you want?’

‘Is Jadrino far from here?’

‘Not far; about ten miles.’

‘Good heavens! So far! What shall I do?’

‘Where do you come from?’ asked the old man.

The traveller took no notice of the question.

‘Listen, old man; can you get me horses to take me to Jadrino?’

‘How should we poor people have such things as horses?’

‘Well, then, can I get a guide? I will pay him what he asks.’

‘Wait,’ said the old man, shutting the window. I will send my son out to you. He will show you the way.’

# Antonio took a couple of oranges out of his basket.

‘Here is something to eat with your bread, Laurella,’ he said.

‘Eat them yourself. Bread is enough for me.’

‘They will refresh you in this heat. You have had so far to walk.’

‘They gave me a drink of water at the last house I went to.’

‘As you please’, he said and let them fall into his basket. Then he began again.

‘You might take the oranges to your mother.’

‘We have oranges at home, and when they are finished I can buy some more.’

‘Nay, take these to her, and give her them with my compliments. ’

‘She does not know you.’

‘You could tell her who I am.’

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