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A Test on Indirect Speech.

Rewrite the following sentences in Indirect Forms.

1. The boy said: ‘I am sorry’.*

[*Note that the end of a direct statement may be punctuated in two ways: ‘I am sorry’. Or ‘I am sorry.’]

2. His mother said: ‘I will forgive you this time’.

3. I say: I am not going out this morning.

4. She will say: ‘I have much work to do today’.

5. Her sister will reply: ‘I did not know you were so busy’.

6. I said: ‘The postman may be here soon’.

7. He said: ‘The bus stops here at 2-30’.

8. The porter said: ‘The train is coming’.

9. Mother said: ‘Two letters have come for you’.

10. He said: ‘Your friend came yesterday’.

11. Father said: ‘It was thundering during the night’.

12. I said: ‘I came here once when I was a child’.

13. The dentist said: ‘I will take out that tooth on Wednesday next’.

14. Her aunt said: ‘She is a noisy child’.

15. He said: ‘I shall be back in an hour and a half’.

16. ‘You will have to be kind and help mother,’ said Father.

17.  ‘I like to lie in the sun’, said the puppy.

18.  ‘I am going to give up my land to you’, said the old man.

19. ‘I want beautiful things’, said the eldest son, ‘and I mean to have what I like.’

20. ‘I am sorry I cannot help you’, said my brother.

21. ‘It does not look so very difficult’, said Robert.

22. ‘This road was much more dangerous in former days’, said the old man.

23. ‘Uncle gave me this as a present on my twelfth birthday’, said my sister.

24. ‘I do not know’, said Granny, ‘which of the sons became king’.

25. ‘I have been here since I was a boy,’ said the farmer, ‘but I have never seen such a thing’.

26. ‘I am afraid we shall never finish shopping if we stop to look at everything,’ said mother.

27.  Tom said: ‘I should like to have some stamps like these’.

28. ‘I am not very well off’, said the lady, ‘but I should like to give you something for these poor children’.

29. ‘Here is a hat which will just suit the young lady’, said the shopkeeper.

30. ‘I am a stranger in this country, and do not know a soul’, he said.

31. He said: ‘My brother died two years ago, and it is about his death that I wish to speak to you’.

32. ‘I think it is quite clear that the man is not fit for the work he has undertaken’, said the squire.

33. ‘I have to get back to town by three o’clock this afternoon to meet your cousin, who is taking me to see some friend he thinks I should know’, said Lawrence.

34. ‘These shoes ought to fit you,’ said the boot-maker, ‘but if they don’t I can show you others’.

35. ‘I shall see you tomorrow’, his friend called out, ‘after I have been to my office’.

36. ‘You shouldn’t have done that, you know. I told you only last night to be careful’, she said.

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