A Test on Adverbs - 177

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A Test on Adverbs. 

A. Make sentences containing the following adverbs:

Across, seldom, really, while, sideways, purposely, so, frequently, deeply, underground, usually, around.

B. Compare the following adverbs:

Badly, kindly, merrily, hard, behind, attentively, little, trustingly.

C. Parse the adverbs and adverbial phrases in the following sentences:

1. When are you going away?

2. There was scarcely any room in the; carriage.

3. As soon as I hear from you I will leave.

4. I have never known such a thoroughly bad dog as this.

5. Has the milk been boiled long enough?

6. How do you do now? Thank you, I am quite well again.

7. The post has only just come.

8. Twice England has been threatened by Armadas.

9. I give you this picture because I am so fond of it myself.

10. You may come here, but come very quietly, so as not to wake the baby.

11. Running backwards is also good exercise.

12. Run along to the post office. I’ll wait over there, but don’t be long.

D. Insert suitable adverbs in the blanks (—) in the following sentences:

1. The English cavalry charged — but could not break the section line.

2. You have not answered this question —.

3. The rock was covered with — fine moss.

4. We — overtook the car in front of us.

5. I — expected that you would recognise / recognize me.

6. All the sailors were — dancing on the deck.

7. A little boy was looking — at the oranges.

8. — the flowers were springing up.

9. I see him — and —.

10. He was writing as — as he could.

11. You should speak more —.

12. Why don’t you bowl —?

13. I have been there — once.

14. Do you know — to make a garland?

15. — are you coming to see me?

16. You will find good-hearted people —.

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