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V.I.P - Very Important Post.

Conquer English in Fifty Days!

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Promise: By studying from the First lesson to the Five-hundredth one (No. 01 to 500), Ten Lessons a day (10 lessons × 50 days = 500 lessons), YOU CAN MASTER Spoken English and grammar in 50 Days

Good Luck!

Introduction: This Web Site completes in Five hundred (500) lessons, consisting of easy & difficult ones. To Master English, gain knowledge of every lesson, or to descry English, just learn easy lessons or their parts only. First, You May Study the lesson in your mother tongue by using ‘Google Translate’ and then Try to Study the same lesson in English itself afterward. Here, YOU CAN MASTER ENGLISH from A to Z for sure, through true patient, whole-hearted, and whole-minded self-studying.

Nota Bene: As each and every lesson may be interconnected from the first lesson to the last one, Do not hurry to go to the next before Mastering the particular one, otherwise learning would be difficult & boring. It is better to study every lesson (and watch/listen to Talking Video Lessons) from time to time and again and again. Any lesson can be updated anytime. Always use dictionaries to know a lot about English and the difference between American English (US - AmE) and British (UK - BrE). Be probing and widen your vocabulary constantly.

Very Important: For better clarification of the student, we have cited some content from the web and several dictionaries, and they are always quoted – please claim any copyright material/content to get it removed immediately from our website.

Focus microscopically on formatting etc. which are used to simplify / stress lessons/examples.

If you are a Sri Lankan, you can get any lesson learned/cleared/simplified by us, over the phone or via internet media that you are convenient of, for FREE.

Question or be/get estimated your knowledge by finishing your lessons-related Homework and emailing it to us. [Make sure to write the lesson(s) number and the question number(s) clearly.]

Warning: We are not responsible at all, for the ads are published on this website.

Video Lessons (coming): Talking Video Lessons - Play / Best in - HD Quality - 720p or 1080p.

Regret: We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused by (for reasons) disabling text-selection and right-clicking! 

We Always Welcome your criticism(s) and Please Suggest any correction(s).

*A Bona Fide Creation – For more details, please contact us.

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