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Writing Stories from Outlines.

The art of writing good stories is a difficult one, and requires much practice. But if you are given the outline of a story, it is not difficult to expand the outline by filling in details. For example, here is an outline.

Driver of a full motor-bus leaves it to fetch water. The bus begins to run down hill. Boy on bicycle rides after it, jumps on driver’s seat, turns the bus and saves the passengers.

This brief outline could be filled up in various ways, to make a short story. Here is one way.

A Young Hero.

One day last year a motor-bus loaded with passengers for Coimbatore was standing at the side of the steep road at Coonoor in the Nilgiris. The driver had left it there for a moment while he ran into a shop where he had some business to do.

Suddenly something happened to the brake, and the heavy bus began to move down hill. One or two of the passengers jumped out, but soon the bus was going too fast for others to do so. People in the shops on each side of the road ran out expecting to see the bus overturn or dash down the mountain side.

A boy of sixteen, named Nanjappa, was standing by his bicycle as the bus came down the road. He saw that no one was driving it, and the passengers were crying out with fear. He jumped on his bicycle, and rode full speed after the bus. He seized the upright bar by the driver’s seat and pulled himself on to the step, letting his bicycle fall. Then he turned the steering wheel of the bus so that it ran against a grassy bank, and at once put on the second brake. Some of the passengers were bumped and shaken, but nobody was really hurt, and all their lives were saved.

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