A Test on Imperative Form - 281

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A Test on Imperative Form.

Convert the following to the Indirect Form:—

1. ‘Put on your new boots today, Sonny; it’s very wet out-of-doors’, said George’s mother.

2. ‘Just give this receipt to the postman,’ said Father.

3. ‘Never mind what you are doing! Come here at once!’ said the teacher.

4. ‘Tickets, please, everybody!’ shouted the conductor.

5. ‘Off to beds, now, boys,’ said mother.

6. ‘Always dot your i’s’, said our teacher, ‘and cross your t's. ’

7. ‘Open the door at once!’ shouted the policeman, ‘or I’ll break it open.’

8. ‘Never try to do two things at once, how clever you think you are,’ was a saying I try not to forget.

9. ‘Up you get and mind the thorns!’ ordered the officer.

10. ‘Walk on tip-toe’, Mary whispered; ‘and don’t wake mother. ’

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