A Test on Exclamatory Form - 286

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A Test on Exclamatory Form.

Express the following in Indirect Speech:—

1. ‘Quick! take your seats!’ shouted the guard.

2. ‘What nonsense!’ said the lady. ‘I know better than that!’

3. ‘Well, I do declare!’ said Auntie. ‘I never expected you so soon as this.’

4. ‘Good gracious! What will all the neighbours think?’ said the cook.

5. ‘God bless you, child!’ said the old man.

6. ‘Off you go at once!’ said he to the boy.

7. ‘Right, O!’ said Smith.

8. ‘Will you go with me?’
‘Rather! Won’t I just?’

9. ‘What did he say to you? Out with it!’ said the policeman.

10. ‘Good Lord! You don’t mean what you say,’ I shouted at him.

11. ‘How’s that?’ said the wicket-keeper . . . ‘Not out!’ replied the umpire.

12. ‘My word! What a lot he does eat!’ said the maid.

13. ‘Look, mother, look!’ cried the boy. ‘Aren’t those tiger-cubs?’

14. ‘Good-bye!’ he said, and was gone.

15. ‘Come along now! Be a good girl and take your medicine,’ said Mother.

16. ‘Go it! youngster, you’ll win yet,’ shouted a man in the crowd.

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