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A Preposition or An Adverb?

How to distinguish the difference between a Preposition and an Adverb.

Some words can be used both as prepositions and adverbs. But it is easy to tell the difference if we remember that prepositions are always used with nouns or pronouns they govern, but adverbs only modify verbs, adjectives or adverbs.


Come along at once!
We walked along the shore.
Up you go!
There's a fly gone up my nose.
There are trees all around.
The wind was howling around our tent.
Are the cattle safely in?
Yes, they’re all in the shed.
We got across without a slip.
He lodges across the road.
Over and over again I have told you to keep quiet.
This book will not fetch over two rupees.

Fill the blanks in the following sentences with suitable prepositions :—

1. I will take you along — me.

'2. Lean your bicycle — the wall.

3. He is hiding — that tree.

4. The dog was driven out — the house.

5. No one is allowed to go — the city — a pass.

6. I use this pen — correcting students’ exercises.

7. Who is that roaming — the garden?

8. He drove a sixer — the pavilion.

9. Coupons are given — many kinds of goods.

10. The train is now — ten miles of Kandy.

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