Rise Together - 429

"Education is from Womb to Tomb!"
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Rise Together!

I am a Hindu by birth, and I mean no disrespect to any other religion when I say that I would not change my faith for all the possessions of this world or of any other. But I should be a false Hindu, and I should deserve less to be called a Brahman, if I desired that Hindus or Brahmans should have any unfair advantage as such over Mahomedans, Christians, or any other community in India. How ennobling it is even to think of that high ideal of patriotism where Hindus, Mahomedans, Parsis and Christians, stand shoulder to shoulder as brothers and work for the common good of all. I invite my brethren to respond to this higher call, and to feel that we cannot in separation build up a material life worth having, but that we must rise or fall together.

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