A Test on Interrogative Form - 284

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A Test on Interrogative Form.

Convert the following into Indirect Speech.

1. ‘What is it that is smelling so sweet?’ asked the lady.

2. ‘Are you quite sure that we shall be in time?’ my friend asked.

3. ‘How can I tell which is the right way?’ he wondered.

4. ‘What shall we do if night comes on and we can’t find a house?’ asked the little boy.

5. ‘What are you two whispering about?’ asked the teacher.

6. Mother said: ‘What was it you asked me just now?’

7. ‘Are you going to see the film that has just come?’ my cousin asked.

8. The first thing Miss Allen said to me was : ‘Were you ever at School in Leicester?’ (Pron. Lester.)

9. ‘Will nobody come and help me tie my shoe-laces?’ the little fellow asked.

10. ‘What is it you are wanting now?’ said the policeman.

11. ‘Can you tell me, please, where the nearest doctor lives?’ asked the stranger.

12. ‘Who are you?’ I said. ‘And what are you doing here?

13. ‘Do you know who I am?’ I asked.

14. ‘Is this beautiful present for me?’ she asked.

15. I said to him: ‘Wouldn’t you like to come for a walk with me?’

16. ‘Where can I have left my umbrella?’ I said.

17. ‘Will you kindly allow me to pass?’ someone behind us said.

18. I said to my teacher: ‘Do you know what is the name of the bird on that branch?’

19. I asked Father: ‘Are you going to be long away? When are you likely to be back?’

20. ‘May I have a little more cake, please?’ the little girl said.

21. ‘Why was I born a girl?’ she said to herself.

22. ‘Why do you tease me? Can’t you leave me alone?’ he said to the other boys in a tearful voice.

23. ‘Did you leave all these bits of paper lying about the floor?’ asked mother sternly.

24- ‘Haven’t you brought anything to drink?’ asked Tom.

25. ‘Where are your manners?’ said Father. ‘Haven't you learnt to speak politely?’

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