Find Your Voice - III - 289

"Education is from Womb to Tomb!"
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Find Your Voice - III

Express the following passages in Direct Speech:— 

# Harry said to his brother Dick that he hoped he would come to see him in his new house. Dick said he would love to go, and that Harry was lucky to get a house so easily in those clays. Harry said the house wasn’t quite ready yet, but they must fix a day soon when both of them were free.

# Peter packed up a number of his better books and took them to a second-hand shop. The shopkeeper offered him four pounds for the lot. Then Peter said that most of them were as good as new. The shopkeeper increased his offer to five pounds, and told Peter he could take it or leave it.

# Miss Gatty asked Catherine what she was going to do now that she had left school. Catherine said she expected she would have to look after the little ones. Miss Gatty said she would have thought that Catherine’s mother would want her to earn her living instead, and Catherine replied that she didn’t think her mother could spare her.

# A man told me that he had dreamt some nights before that he was a panther that haunted a village of huts and some very tasty dogs, and how he was hunted for three years and shot at five times before he was killed. He said he could remember killing a gipsy woman and hiding part of her body till the next day.

# The old gentleman told me that I had startled him as I went in, and he asked me how I had found my way in. I told him that I had got in through the front door, and then he said that he had forgotten to lock it. He went on to say that he supposed I had gone in to steal, but I told him it was not so, but because I had lost my way.

# He told me that his was not a large family, only his father and himself, his mother having died when he was only three. They had lived in a boarding house for twelve years. From the age of fifteen he had had several situations, lasting from a few days to two months.

# A little old man said to us that some nights before he had gone out for a walk and felt as if he had become part of the evening wind and wandered slowly across the world. Sunset had always been his favourite time for being out of doors. And yet everywhere he went
that night, round the earth and back again, he found suffering, great suffering.

# A Chinaman who was walking in a graveyard saw a beautiful lady fanning a mound of earth. It was so strange a sight that he approached the lady and asked her courteously what she was doing. The lady told him that the grave contained her husband, and the stupid man, just before he died, had made her promise not to marry again until the earth that covered his grave was dry. The lady had watched the grave for some days, but it got dry so very slowly she was fanning it to make it dry more quickly. As she said this she looked up into the man’s face with so charming a look that he offered to help her. When he asked her to let him have the fan, she agreed gladly, saying that she would be extremely grateful to him if he would fan it dry as soon as possible.

# The carpet merchant said to his servant that it was in his mind to buy the house of one Mahmud Effendi, a house which the servant no doubt knew. The owner was asking a vast sum for it, a fortune indeed. But it was known that he needed money, and that his creditors were troubling him for payment. And if they waited a little he would be glad to accept less. It was a very fine house, and the price of it would be more than he had in hand. So he thought of selling all his carpets and that upper room in which they were. He asked the servant, whom he knew to be a wise man, to give him good advice. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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