Descriptive Adjectives - 26

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Descriptive Adjectives.

This class contains most of the adjectives, such as :-
Cheery, magnificent, slippery, easy, gentle, tiresome, fragrant, public, western, green, quiet, yearly, low, respectable, nimble …

Fit the foregoing adjectives to the following nouns, and make a sentence about each.  Sunset, countries, mango, income, slope, disposition, homework, conversation, person, Evening, park, answer, blossom, score, rest.

Lengthen the following sentences by adding carefully Chosen adjectives to the nouns.

Examples: (The first one is done for you.)
1. The young Princess felt a severe pain in her beautiful eyes.

1. The Princess felt a pain in her eyes.
2. An elephant came out of the jungle. 
3. People often have to do without food. 
4. His children were killed by an animal. 
5. The farmer gave us milk and fruit. 
6. The water made my hands turned blue. 
7. The wind brought rain. 
8. He had only a table and two chairs. 
9. This book is of value and interest. 
10. There was a noise like thunder. 
11. For days he hid in the woods. 
12. His head shone like ivory. 

# To this class belong adjectives are made from Proper Nouns such as names of persons, peoples and places.


Mathree-Ranil government, Sinhalese people, Colombo harbour, Ravana Palace, Sri Lankan History, Sanskrit grammar, The Mogul Emperors, The Arabic language, Greek literature, Chinese hawkers, Japanese policy, French leave, Latin prefix ...

It is also frequently seen that nouns are used as adjectives. This is very common with Proper Nouns. For example:

A Ford car.
The Panama canal.
The Colombo Museum.
Sri Paada / Samanala Hill (Adam's Peak).
The Indus Valley civilization ...

Here are examples of Common Nouns used as adjectives.

The village blacksmith.
A spring morning.
A cricket match.
Mouse colour.
Oatmeal porridge … # 

(# #)

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