Affirmative to Negative - 266

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Affirmative to Negative.

Change the following sentences from Affirmative to Negative.


Aff. He speaks Spanish.
Neg. He does not speak Spanish.

Aff. I found this stone in the garden.
Neg. I did not find this stone in the garden.

1. I have a fountain pen.

2. You are right.

3. Go away.

4. He went away.

5. I bought this book at the station.

6. She has finished her dinner.

7. This roof leaks.

8. We went to Ajanta.

9. You must walk slowly.

10. You will see me at the match.

11. I want some half anna stamps (change some to any).

12. He sang loudly.

13. He left school last month.

14. I understand you.

15. I understood you.

16. We may be there.

17. I shall tell you later.

18. I’m the secretary of the Club.

19. You’re Mr. Barnett, aren’t you?

20. It’s a cold day, isn’t it? © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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