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Strange Deaths.

The Rhine here is almost half an English mile broad, and there is a bridge of boats built over it. There are many considerable villages on both sides of the river. Here the Rat’s Tower is shown, and the people of the country all firmly believe the story of the rats who were angry with the Duke, and when he fled to an island in the river, and hid himself in a tower, they swam after him and ate him up. And they told us that there were some of his bones still to be seen in the tower.

This extraordinary death makes me call to mind a very peculiar and unexpected sort of death, that carried off a poor labourer a few days before I left Geneva. As he was ploughing; the foot of one of his cattle went into a nest of wasps, upon which the whole swarm flew out, and set upon him, and killed him in a very little time; and his body was very much swollen because of the many stings he had received. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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