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Indirect into Direct Speech.

In the last exercise you have many examples of Direct Speech to turn into Indirect. You should keep all your correct or corrected solutions in some notebook, and in leisure moments practise turning some of them back into Direct Speech. When you have done your best with one of them, but not till then, look up the original in this textbook, and see whether you have expressed it correctly in direct speech. Here are two examples.


1. He said he would be there on the following Tuesday and would bring his little boys with him, if he might.

2. The Captain said that they should wait for him there, and when he came nearer they should hide behind one of the big rocks.


1. ‘I’ll be here on Tuesday and bring my little boys with me, if I may.’

2. ‘We must wait for him here,’ said the Captain; ‘when he comes nearer we’ll hide behind one of the big rocks.’

3. Direct. He said to me: ‘I will tell you tomorrow’.

Indirect. He said to me that he would tell me the following day.

Note that in 2. you may refer to a third person, or to the person to whom the words are reported. In the latter case the Indirect Form is: He said that he would tell you the following day. Similarly with 1.

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