A Test on Prepositions - 180

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A Test on Prepositions.

Point out the prepositions and the words they govern in the following passages:—

1. I must go and see where the noise comes from.

2. She bade him go about his business.

3. Just before breakfast time, a servant came out of the house.

4. Many illnesses come from bad teeth.

5. She fell dead upon the spot without a groan.

6. He felt drowsy after ills heavy meal.

7. She smiled at him and went back alone into the garden.

8. I am busy with my accounts, adding up figures by the hour.

9. What a stupid game to spoil your morning with?

10. What did you do it in that way for?

11. This house is not fit to live in.

12. Work will take your mind off your disappointment.

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