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Conditional Mood.

Simply, Conditional Mood expresses (a) condition(s).

Following major characteristics can be seen in Conditional Mood.

a.   One sentence begins with “If“ or “When” or “Unless” etc. clause.
b.   At least two sentences present together to give a full meaning.
c.   One sentence depends on another one.

A few models.

If we don’t drink water, we feel thirsty.
When we drink water, we don’t feel thirsty.
Unless we drink water, we feel thirsty.

We feel thirsty, if we don’t drink water.
We don’t feel thirsty, when we drink water.
We feel thirsty, unless we drink water.

There are sentences patterns in this (Conditional) Mood call Conditional Sentences (Conditionals).


Find/note/figure out Conditional Mood whenever/wherever it is used.

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