Commemorated Experience - 396

"Education is from Womb to Tomb!"
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Commemorated Experience.

    The low trumpeting sound and stamping of our elephants gave notice that the tiger’s den was near. A vaulted ruin was before us; there was a rustling among the bushes. De Ruyter said: ‘Be steady, my lads! and a tiger, the first I had ever faced, finding his way blocked, charged us. We fired together, I know not with what effect; for both our elephants turned and ran away with wild fear. My mahout threw himself off, and a branch of a tree struck me off. I heard a tremendous war-whoop, and fire was kept up on all sides. De Ruyter’s elephant fell into a disused well, but with his usual self-possession, he managed to get out. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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