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Abstract Nouns.

Abstract nouns may be classed in the following way, as denoting,

a) A feeling or State of Mind.

E.g.: Passion, pain, pleasure, grief, fear, tiredness, hunger, pity, memory, wonder, hope, despair, genius …

b) An action or Process.

E.g.: Laughter, play, change, question, sight, speech, industry, birth, pilgrimage, growth …

c)  A quality or ability.

E.g.: Goodness, evil, roughness, worth, strength, purity, redness, splendour, mobility, moisture …

d) A state or condition.

E.g.: Comport, cleanliness, poverty, laziness, business, majesty, speed, excellence, health …

e) A relation or measure.

E.g.: Trust, faith, marriage, brotherhood, union, companionship, loss, length, height …

f) A stage or period.

E.g.: Time, life, occasion, summer, infancy, youth, age, noon …

g)  Kinds of study, arts, sciences, trades.

E.g.: History, philosophy, mathematics, carpentry, grammar …

Write sentences containing abstract nouns denoting the quality or state of:

Glass, grass, fever, music, milk, thunder, silk, cows, cricket, bread, a rock, wool, pepper, orange-juice, brass.

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