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Conjunctions join sentences and also join words. When we wish to add one statement to another, we use conjunctions. When we wish to contrast two things, we use conjunctions.

There are not many conjunctions, but they are the very joints of our speech.

Andbutorthoughwhether and as are conjunctions.

How do we use these words?

Here are some examples:—

His dagger fell out of its sheath, and fell plop into the tiger’s mouth.

He may have been a good king, but he was no gentleman.

You must have a ticket or you will not be admitted to the concert.

He cannot speak Bengali, though he has lived several years in Dacca.

You will have to take this medicine whether you like it or not.

I am not going out, as it is raining.

You see from these examples how conjunctions help us to join thought with thought, sentence with sentence.

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