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Description - IV

The heron is a sociable bird, and loves not only to live, but also to feed, in company with others of its own kind. These birds are fond of wading stealthily along the edge of the lake until they come to a suitable spot, where they stand in the water up to their thighs, waiting patiently for their prey. 'I hey stand as still as if they were carved out of wood. Suddenly there is a quick dive of the beak, either among the reeds or in the water, and at each stroke the heron has caught some creature.

Frogs and small fish are the usual food of the heron, though sometimes it will catch a good-sized eel. Then it wades or flies to some rock and beats the eel against the rock to kill it. When the heron lives near tidal rivers, it feeds largely on shrimps, prawns, crabs and! other dwellers on the seashore.

The flight of the heron is very powerful, its wings being very large in proportion to its slender body. Sometimes the bird ascends in a spiral, and then the flight is very beautiful.

The nest of the heron is usually made on the top of some lofty tree, and the nests are in groups, close-together, called heronries. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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