Present Participles - 98

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Present Participles.

The Present Participle ends in -ing.

1. The Present Participle is used as an adjective before the word it qualifies.

He told me a touching story.
Man is a thinking animal.
You are really a walking dictionary.

(a walking dictionary - Idiomatic too)

2. It is also used as a predicative adjective.

I caught him stealing.
She was seen playing with a green leaf.
We found him sleeping and smiling in his sleep.

3. To express time the present participle is used with the auxiliary verb (To) Be  (be, am, is, are, was, were).

Present Tense.

l am sending a telegram,
They are having their house white-washed.

(Whitewash = Idiomatic too)

Past Tense.

I was just thinking of writing you.
We were having tea when she came.

Future Tense.

I am going to Colombo tomorrow.
We shall be seeing your brother in Anuradhapura.

4. Present Participles of some intransitive verbs are also used before nouns:

Let sleeping dogs lie. (Proverb / Idiomatic)
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