Master Dialogues - 385

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Master Dialogs.

Write short dialogues between the following:

1. A sailor and a soldier about their occupations.

2. Two students about a coming vacation.

3. A lady and a lazy servant.

4. A mother giving advice to her son.

5. Two strangers in a railway carriage.

6. Two boys about an interesting film.

7. A shopkeeper and a beggar who stands outside his shop.

8. A teacher and a student about home-work.

9. Two hoys about pets.

10. Two men about a lost umbrella.

11. A rent collector and a poor tenant.

12. A ticket inspector and a man without a railway ticket.

13. A policeman and a cyclist without a light.

14. A man who wants to send off a parcel, and a post-office official.

15. A wounded soldier and a visitor to a hospital.

16. A farmer and a village headman.

17. A young man seeking work and a merchant.

18. A teacher and a student on different ways of social service.

19. Two travellers on their way.

20. Two brothers, one of them just going abroad for study.

21. A horse and a cow.

22. Two boys on the respective merits of cricket and tennis.

23. An aeroplane and a motor car.

24. A pen and a pencil.

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