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Verbs Expressing Sounds - Common Usages in Examples.

1. When you bang the door like that you make me jump (startle me).

2. Dogs bark at the moon.

3. A bull’s bellow is nothing to a tiger’s roar.

4. What is that booming noise, thunder or cannon?

5. There was a buzz of conversation coming from the meeting-hall.

6. A hen clucks and cackles when she has laid an egg.

7. A cheering crowd followed him along the road.

8. Do you hear the clang of big hammers at the factory?

9. The cooing of pigeons is a very comforting sound.

10. What a bad cough you have!

11. I heard the crackling of paper in the next room.

12. How that door does creak!

13. Sometimes a chorus of frogs’ croaking in a ricefield can be heard a mile away.

14. I lay awake listening to the drip-drip of the rain.

15. I could hear the drone of an aeroplane (airplane) far out of sight.

16. The candle was burning low with a fizzling sound.

17. As he climbed the steep path he was panting.

18. Up in the woods the other day I heard some animal grunting.

19. The audience hissed and hooted when he got up to speak.

20. A cow was lowing for her calf.

21. What are you muttering about? Speak up.

22. Silk dresses make a rustling sound.

23. My pony whinnied with joy at seeing me.

24. Do stop that puppy from yelping.

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