A Test on Conjunctions - 204

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A Test on Conjunctions.

Point out the conjunctions in the following sentences and say to which class each belongs:—

1. I was going to punish you; however, I will forgive you this once.

2. He is neither stupid nor lazy.

3. I would have gone, only you advised me not to.

4. We were held up by a severe storm, so we missed the train.

5. I hope you will look after things carefully while I am away.

6. Don’t talk so much, or I shall have to send you out of the class.

7. It will be all right now you have come.

8. He gave his life for others, and so he is remembered with deep affection.

9. You will not get on unless you work more steadily.

10. I have travelled (traveled) much in Europe; besides, I have lived long in Asia.

11. He is a better cricketer than he is a tennis player, though he is quite good at tennis.

12. I got this telegram just as I was leaving home.

Insert suitable conjunctions in the blanks in the following sentences:—

1. — he will go — not, no one can say.

2. He has never seen a cobra — he has lived in Burma several years.

3. — you have disobeyed me, you shall not go to the pictures.

4. Pears are sweet — lemons are sour.

5. I was not sure, — I did not write you.

6. I did begin to read for the examination, — I had to give up.

7. It would be fine to meet him, — I shall not be free that afternoon.

8. — you tell me I do remember something about it.

9. He may be clever, — he does such strange things.

10. — you left me, I thought of something I wanted to say to you.

11. — you register your car soon, you will be fined.

12. They are — — poor — — deep in debt.

13. He is not — young — he may look.

14. — he is very fair he is a Moor.

15. He thinks of starting just — the school closes.

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