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Enlargement of the Subject.

The subject may have various kinds of additions. These are called Enlargements (or Adjuncts) of the Subject. Here are some of these kinds of enlargement.

1. An Article.

An elephant is a quadruped.

2. An Adjective.

Ripe apples are wholesome.

3. A Noun or Pronoun in the Possessive Case.

My work is done.

Father's name is H. M. Herath.

4. A Noun or Phrase in apposition.

William, Duke of Normandy, defeated Harold.

5. A Phrase.

The books on the top shelf are my sister’s.

A man unable to write will remain poor.

6. Combinations of the above.

The best of my books were all given to me.

The duties of a headmaster are very trying.

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