Distinguish the Enlargement of the Direct Object - 303

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Distinguish the Enlargement of the Direct Object.

Point out the object and its enlargement wherever given in the following sentences:—

1. The people have cheerful, ringing voices.

2. Do you see those five ships lying at anchor?

3. T. M. Dilshan, the, cricketer from Sri Lanka, saved heaps of runs by smart fielding.

4. I have still a number of letters to write.

5. You should take a lawyer’s advice.

6. Had anybody seen my second best tennis racket?

7. The dreadful sight filled almost every eye with tears.

8. Queen Wilhelmina married her husband, a German Prince, nearly forty years ago.

9. Make a sentence to show the use of the Indirect Object.

10. The sun burnt my face deep red.

11. Will you please direct me to the Post Office?

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