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Third Conditional.

We use Third Conditional Sentences (Third Conditional) to:

Express (an) imaginary thing(s) in (the) Past, which has (have) not done/happened.

Syntax: If Clause + Past Perfect, + Subject + would + have (+ would have) + V3 (+ complement).

[Subject + would + have (+ would have) + V3 (+ complement), + If Clause + Past Perfect.]

V3 = See Important Note 1

A few models.

If I had been rich, I would have bought a car.
I would have bought a car, if I had been rich.

If I had had money, I would have given to her.

If we had won the first match, we would have traveled abroad.

If they had gone there, they would have met her.

If she had not been treacherous, he would have loved her.


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