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Collective Nouns and Nouns of Multitude.

We must distinguish the difference between a noun used in a collective sense and the same noun used to denote the individuals comprising a group. For instance, the word TEAM may be a collective noun or a noun of a multitude.

1. If we say, The team was chosen by a committee, The word team is used as a collective whole.

2. But if we say, The team were all non-smokers, We are speaking of the individual  members of the team.

In the first sentence team is a collective noun and requires a verb in the singular & In the second sentence team is a noun of multitude and takes a verb in the plural.

As Collective Nouns.

1. The party is composed of men, women and children.
2. The police is a department of government that maintains public order.
3. A committee was formed to look after refugees.
4. The lowing herd winds slowly o’er (= over) the lea.
5. There was a struggle between the opposing cavalry.

As Nouns of Multitude.

1. The party were all killed by an avalanche.
2. Police are needed in all countries.
3. The committee were all of the same opinion.
4. The herd were mostly cows.
5. The cavalry numbered about a thousand.

Find such examples.
Hints : Army, Navy, Air Force ...

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