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Distributive Pronouns.

These are: Each, either, and neither. (Distributive means: taken one at a time.) Each of these three pronouns takes singular verb.
ü      You will frequently hear this rule broken in conversation. Even a famous writer, Lord Chesterfield, wrote: ‘Each of these verses have five feet.’  

ü      Similarly, it is wrong to say: ‘Neither of the batsmen have yet reached their century.’ In modern literature, mistakes of this kind are very common.   

Examples of Use.

Each of these books has over a thousand pages. 
Neither of the batsmen has yet reached their century. 
Those officials have over seven hundred rupees a month each. 
Each has his own place marked out for him. 
Either of the plans is workable. 
Neither of us knows anything about the matter.   

ü      Each other sometimes means everyone; sometimes both.
Each has to bring his own food. 
I will have each or neither.    

ü      Each, either, and neither are also used as Distributive Adjectives.
Each batsman wears a pair of pads. 
I gave nine rupees to each coolie. 
He has a wart on either hand. 
Neither boy is looking good.

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