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Would Have.

Would Have + Past Participle (V3).

"1. What Somebody Wanted bud didn’t do.

Claudia would have liked to refuse (= wanted to refuse), but she didn't dare.

2. Used to express unfulfilled intention or preference.

I would have saved you some but the children took it all.

3. Use was likely to have happened by a particular time.

Within ten weeks of the introduction, 39 million people would have been reached by our television commercials.

4. Used when you are referring to the result or effect of a possible event in the past.

My daughter would have been 18 this week if she had lived.
If I had known how he felt, I would never have let him adopt those children.

5. Used to indicate that you are assuming or guessing that something is true, because you have good reasons for thinking it.

You wouldn't have known him.
You would have known him.

# Use when you are expressing your opinion about something or seeing if people agree with you, especially when you are uncertain.

I would have thought it a proper job for the Army to fight rebellion.

[Would = I think you'd agree he's a very respected columnist.]"

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