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Second Conditional.

We use Second Conditional Sentences (Second Conditional) to:

1. Express (an) imaginary thing(s) in (the) future.
2. Express (an) impossible thing(s) in the present.

Syntax: If Clause + Simple Past Tense, + Subject + would + V1 (+ complement).
[Subject + would + V1 (+ complement), + If Clause + Simple Past Tense.]

Important Note 1: Basically, a Verb has following forms: 
1. Infinitive. 2. Present Tense Plural. 3. Present Tense Singular. 4. Present Participle. 5. Past Tense. 6. Past Participle.

1. Infinitive = Full Infinitive / To Infinitive / Base Form / Root - To do.
2. Present Tense Plural = V1 / Zero Infinitive / Bare  Infinitive – Do.
3. Present Tense Singular = Third Person Singular – Does.
4. Present Participle = Looks like a Gerund – Doing.
5. Past Tense = V2 / Simple Past  – Did.
6. Past Participle = V3 – Done.

Important Note 2: Here in Second Conditional, we use ‘Were’ instead of ‘Was’ in spite of the Subject, and it is a grammatically fully correct use too.

A few models – 1.

If I were rich, I would buy a car.
I would buy a car, if I were rich.

If we won the first match, we would travel abroad.

If they went there, they would meet her.

If I got up earlier, I would catch the bus.

If she were not treacherous, he would love her.

A few models – 2.

If she/he were here, she/he would do it.
She/He would do it, if she/he were here.

If I had her email, I would email her.

If I were you, I would not drink this.

If she/he had money, if she/he would not cheat you.

If I were her, I would forgive him right away.


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